Prof. Dr. Wolfgang Tremel

Prof. Dr. Wolfgang Tremel

Main Research Fields

Inorganic materials chemistry, Surface and interface chemistry, Biomineralization, Nanoparticles for applications in drug delivery, in vivo sensing and catalysis, Energy processes (thermoelectric, photonics, phononics, light harvesting)

Scientific Career

1996 Full Professor of Inorganic Chemistry (C4) at JGU Mainz
1991 Associate Professor (C3), Inorganic Chemistry, JGU Mainz
1989 Research associate, Ames Laboratory/Iowa State University, Ames/IA, USA (H. F. Franzen)
1987 - 1991 Research associate, University of Münster, Habilitation: 1993
1984 - 1986 Postdoctoral fellow, Cornell University, Ithaca/NY, USA (R. Hoffmann)
1984 Postdoctoral fellow, DESY/HASYLAB, Hamburg
1974 - 1984 Chemistry Studies at the Universities of Bielefeld and Münster and at Brookhaven Natl. Laboratory (Diploma 1980, PhD 1984, B. Krebs)

Scholarships, Awards and Honors

Since 2009 Member DAAD selection panels
Since 2006 Associate Editor Journal of Solid State Chemistry
Since 2004 Board Member of the Schmidt Minerva Center (Weizmann Institute, Israel)
Since 2001 Member University Senate
2002 - 2006 Board of trustees Stiftung für Innovation / Rheinland-Pfalz
2002 Offer Full Professorship at the University of Essen (declined)
2001 - 2007 Evaluation panel “Jugend forscht” (state level)
2001 - 2002 Board of trustees „Lernort Labor“ (IPN Kiel)
1993 - 1998 Chairman of the GDCh-Ortsverband Mainz-Wiesbaden
1994, 1995 Offers Full Professorships at the FU Berlin and Groningen (declined)
1991 - 1996 Lecturer Award (Dozentenstipendium des Fonds der Chem. Industrie)
1989 Bennigsen-Foerder-Award of the Federal State of Nordrhein-Westfalen
1989 Heinrich Hertz Fellowship
1987 - 1989 Liebig-Fellowship (Fonds der Chemischen Industrie)