Correlated Matter and Emergent Spin Phemomena

Center for Correlated Matter and Emergent Spin Phemomena (CESP)

The interplay among the charge, orbital and spin degrees of freedom produces various forms of symmetry-breaking patterns, leading to novel emergent phenomena that appear only through the collective behaviour of the (quasi-) particles. This leads to novel emergent states of matter including a range of magnetic ordering but also other spin phenomena including novel interactions between charge, spin and heat transport and coupling to other degrees of freedom. As an example, coupling to photons allows for probing the ultra-fast limit of spin-charge and ordering dynamics in these complex states. In addition to exciting science, the functionalities that result from these states in advanced material can be used in novel low power memory, logic and sensing devices.

The center works closely with the recently established Humboldt SPICE Center in theoretical physics and reap the benefits arising from close synergetic experiment-theory collaborations.

Within this center, scientists from Johannes Gutenberg University Mainz (physics and chemistry) as well as from the Max Planck Institute for polymer research aim at exploiting emergent phases and spin phenomena present in complex matter to understand and tailor the underlying interactions that collectively lead to these novel states of matter.