Welcome to the Center for INnovative and Emerging MAterials (CINEMA)

Creating materials with a wide range of properties is a key challenge of materials research. The rational design of materials with tailor-made functions constitutes a most versatile and powerful approach to meet specific application-oriented needs with tremendous impact on many areas including energy conversion and storage, information technologies as well as health and food science and industry.

The Center for INnovative and Emerging MAterials (CINEMA) is a research initiative of the Johannes Gutenberg University Mainz dedicated to foster and strengthen materials science in Mainz. This center operates trans-departmental to enable options for addressing strategically relevant subjects beyond the discipline-oriented faculties and provides the highest flexibility to promote promising research interest. Research within CINEMA benefits from the interdisciplinary character of the contributing research groups, including top scientists from the departments of chemistry and physics in close collaboration with the Max Planck Institute of polymer research.