Prof. Dr. Thomas Palberg

Prof. Dr. Thomas Palberg

Main Research Fields

Experimental soft matter physics, in particular strongly interacting colloidal systems investigated by optical microscopy and light scattering. Equilibrium properties of colloidal crystals (phase behaviour, elasticity, diffusion, conductivity), non-equilibrium properties (behaviour in confinement and under shear), phase transition kinetics

Scientific Career

Since 1996 Professor (C3), JGU Mainz
1994 - 1996 Temporary Professorship, JGU Mainz
1994 Habilitation, University of Konstanz
1993 - 1996 Physics Dept. University of Konstanz, scientific assistant
1989 - 1993 Physics Dept. University of Konstanz, postdoctoral fellow
1977 - 1988 Study of “Chemistry” at the Universitiy of Dortmund, the Georg August University of Göttingen and the RWTH Aachen (Diploma 1983, post diploma studies in Australia 1983/84, Ph.D. 1989)

Scholarships, Awards and Honors

Since 2010 Vice chair of the International Advisory Board to the ELOPTO (Colloidal and Molecular Electro-Optics)
Since 2002 Local coordinator of the CRC TR6 “Physics of colloidal Dispersions in External Fields”
Since 1997 Fulbright Vertrauensdozent, JGU Mainz