Technology Platform Mainz

CINEMA supports the Technology Platform  Mainz (TPM).

Cutting-edge research requires easy access to high-end facilities for material processing and characterization. In Mainz, a large variety of methods and techniques are available and organized within the TPM.

Instrument Method Location  Contact 
Tecnai F30 ST   Physical Chemistry  Kolb, Ute/Barton, Bastian
Tecnai G2 Spirit  Physical Chemistry  Kolb, Ute/Barton, Bastian
Tecnai 12  Zoology, AG Wolfrum  Sehn, Elisabeth
Nova NanoSEM  Physics, AG Kläui  Kauschke, Stefan/Dion, Anja
Phenom SEM  Physical Chemistry, AG Kühnle  Eckardt, Michael
Helios NanoLab  Physics, AG Kläui  Kauschke, Stefan/Dion, Anja
SQUID magnetometer  Physics, AG Käui  Jakob
SPARK Sinterer  Physics, AG Kläui  Henrizi, Jürgen
e-beam lithograph  Physics, AG Kläui  Kauschke, Stefan/Dion, Anja
X-ray diffractometer  Physics, AG Kläui  Jourdan, Martin

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